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Planning a safari can be overwhelming. Ralph Iantosca is your safari expert who will make the planning fun with his program he served as president of APTA for many years (Assoc. for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa, Dallas Chapter) developed “Africa 101”. Ralph has been traveling to Africa since 2000 and has hands on expertise and personal knowledge that will make the entire process seamless.

Our agency’s relationships are with the best of the best which will help you enjoy the perfect safari. During your consultation you will discuss the best tie to visit, the right camp or lodge for you, Private concessions, Parks, Reserves, Game, wine country, cities, actives and more. His concierge service will help with packing, gratuities, visas, inoculation requirements, airline mileage awards, and more. You will not receive an upscale Safari service like what Ralph offers from anyone else. Ralph organizes Safaris to Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Mauritius, Namibia Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Getting Started, pricing and how it we work.

Custom itinerary Planning fee is from $150 per hour. Most safaris in our portfolio of camps and lodges start at $1500 per person per day which are inclusive of game drives, meals, park entrance fees, conservation fees, accommodations and taxes. Flights between camps, international airfare, insurance are additional.

We Specialize

Ralph specializes in Trekking of Silverback gorillas of Rwanda. World Gorilla day happens to fall on Ralph’s birthday.

In Rwanda, Gorilla Trekking permits are $1500 per person per day in addition to the all-inclusive rate, they are non-transferrable, and you are not confirmed on the trip until the permit is purchased. Trekking is not private, and you will be in a group of maximum 8 participants, and the gorilla group you are assigned to will be done when you arrive at the Vulcans National Park.


Expedition Cruising is a growing segment in the travel market today.

Expedition travel can be an exciting way to travel. We recommend this type of travel if you are someone who doesn’t want to write the ending of your trip. If you enjoy the anticipation of the unexpected, wildlife, new cultures, intimate settings traveling with a small group of travelers, then this is for you. Expedition cruising will take you up close and personal to incredible destinations in a safe, comfortable way. Expedition cruising is exciting and perfect for families. Expedition cruises have a wonderful staff and are led by biologists, geologists, anthropologists, historians and other specialists who can identify the local cultures, local wildlife of the place you are exploring.

Think of this type of cruising as a “soft adventure” sailing on smaller vessels normally with less than 200 guests to very remote places like Antarctica, the Galapagos islands, places a big ship couldn’t visit. You will always find a casual ambiance on board an expedition vessel. Most expedition ships offer delicious food and kind sincere service, comfortable accommodations and many luxuries you’d find on bigger ships like gyms, libraries, lounges, spas. Instead of having big ship entertainment, you’ll enjoy lectures, photography workshops, and enjoy traveling with like-minded passengers who have similar interests as yours. Expedition travel is busy, it’s not for someone who likes relaxing at the pool all day. Excursions are mostly all-inclusive with no out of pocket on board. Expedition ships offer excursions on board Zodiacs, splitting up the passengers into small groups, going ashore with your guides, enjoying intimate one on one conversations. The itineraries are flexible in most cases allowing time for special experiences you might come upon like whale watching, birding, glaciers calving, festivals and more.

Agency Owner Ralph Iantosca has sailed on many expeditions and has been to Antarctica, Alaska, Baja, Galapagos as well as other destinations many times. Booking this type of travel with an expert who has the personal experience firsthand is very important to our customers. Expedition cruising is expensive however good value with most trips that start at $1100+ +per person per day (depending on the kind of room you book, these are all-inclusive with dining, excursions). Ralph not only knows all of the ships and their itineraries, his has insider knowledge, expertise and relationships with the executives brings a special added bonus to our client’s experience. Our agency’s current favorite expedition companies:

  • Lindblad expeditions

  • Abercrombie & Kent

  • Silversea expeditions

Up and coming expedition companies to watch (they have not yet launched, so we will see how they do)

  • Crystal

  • Seabourn

This is a great example of a photo taken from a photo workshop in Antarctica from a whaling station.

The ship is Silver Cloud by Silversea, a traditional luxury cruise liner that has now been converted to an expedition vessel. Now our clients enjoy suites, verandahs, butler service, gourmet dining with multiple venues while exploring amazing Antarctica in zodiacs with only 200 guests on board.